How to Sell

How do I list?

Must register to  list your item(s).

Go to your Account/Dashboard, click on Create listing. Select FREE or optional services to attract more attention to your listings.
1. Describe Your Item. Manufacture, Model,  give good description.
Pricing (Quantity, Starting Bid, Reserve Price, Buy Now!), Shipping if offered category(s).
3. Upload Picture(s), more pictures the better, helps get more $$$ for your item(s).
4. Preview Your Item Listing.
Review your item details to make sure everything is correct. When you are satisfied with your listing, click “Save Listing”.

Editing your listing:
If an item has not been bid on, you can edit the item listing. You can change the pricing information, move the item to a different category, or enhance your listing with some of our listing options to upgrade your listing .

When Your item sells:
You should send the buyer clear payment instructions. Always include:
Your name
Phone number
The item number of the listing
The name of our site
Your email address
Clearly state what type of payments you accept.

Make arrangements for Shipping or local pickup.

Follow all Local, State and Federal laws when selling any Firearms.

No email notification:
If you sold an item and did not get a notification from, we may be unable to send you a notification due to technical problems with your email provider. We encourage all of our sellers to check Items I’ve Sold in the my account/dashboard page..

Ending your listing early:
You can delete your auction before its scheduled ending date and time. Ending an auction early is not a good idea since many bidders wait until the last minute to place a bid. A seller can only end an auction early if there is not a bid on the item or the highest bid does not meet the Reserve Price (if applicable).