How to Buy

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Age restrictions:
There are age limits on the sale of certain items. The seller may ask you to verify your age (typically, by providing a copy of your driver’s license) before you purchase the item.
In general, you must be at least 18 years old to buy items on this site.

Strictly prohibited:
We encourage buyers to comply with all laws and regulations regarding the purchase of firearms and related items on Not complying with the law may result in the suspension of user privileges or legal action.
Use of the site by underage persons: by placing a bid on this site, you are certifying you are of legal age to purchase the item, and you have a legal right to buy and own the item
Use of the site by anyone falsely representing themselves, Failure to abide by state, federal and local laws your account will be suspended until further notice
Certain types of items are illegal in certain state, county and/or city. We recommend you review:
NRA guide to state-by-state gun laws
ATF state-by-state gun laws information

Shipping of Guns & Firearms, Check your Local/State and Federal laws.

Items are sold by  “Auction” or “Buy Now” on If you Win a “Auction” or purchase a item with  “Buy Now”,  contact the Seller for payment and Pickup/shipping instructions. You can contact the Seller by using the Comments area in the listing.