Listing Tips

Description –  Give detailed information about your item(s) Age, Condition, Model, Manufacture.

Contact information –  Via email, phone, in person or choose communication through the Comment section in the listing.

You should get an email notification each time the Comment section is used. If you do not receive an email notification, it may not be the correct email on file or maybe a problem with your email server. You can always check your messages in the Account/Dashboard of your account.

Pricing – You can sell your item by “Auction Style” or “Buy Now”

Auction  style – you can have a starting bid and reserve price or no reserve and sell the item for the final price.

Buy Now – Set the price you want, anyone can buy your item at your set price at anytime.

TIP: If you want to list your item “Ad style” listing( no bid or buy now boxes) choose Buy Now style and leave the buy now price box blank.  Show price in the listing (optional)

NOTE: when creating Ad style listing, its best to enter all information in your listing e.g. (Price, Contact info., location)

Category –Although your item may have several related categories.
The best category to choose first would be the ” All ” categories e.g. “All Guns & Firearms”
This is what people see on the main Mobile App. and on Home page.
There are special enhancing tools e.g. “Top of Category”, “Visitor counter” extra Fee’s may apply.

Pictures – Take good clear pictures, more the better. Some pictures of e.g. Rifles & Shot Guns, its best to stand back while taking pic.

This ensures they fit in the picture. The listing will allow the viewer to zoom in. TIP: White colored background works the best.

Location-  we offer Google map location for your listing. Viewers like to see where the item is located.

Listing Expiration – As long as your listing doesn’t expire, you can renew your listing anytime for FREE.

You can renew anytime in the edit listing area of your Ad.