Q – Can anyone Buy or Sell on YouBidAuctions.com?

A – Must be a minimum of 18yrs. of age to register on YouBidAuctions.com


Q – Can I list my item(s) for free on YouBidAuctions.com?

A Yes, there is a FREE listing package.


Q – Can I send a Gun in the Mail?

AYes, you can mail a shotgun or rifle to a resident of his or her own state or to a licensee in any state. Handguns are not mailable.

Specific shippers, such as US Mail, FedEx, and UPS, have different rules related to firearms and ammunition. Please review their   websites for guidelines about shipping firearms and ammunition.


Q – How do I know if I won an item I bid on?

A – Email notifications are sent, Best way, check in your Dashboard/Account.


Q – How do I pay for an item I won or purchased?

A – You must contact the Seller for payment and pickup/shipping details. Contact seller in the Comments section.(leave message)


Q – Can I add enhancements to my Free listing to make it stand out?

A – Yes, there are small fee’s for enhancements. Enhancements must be paid for before listing goes live.

PayPal is the payment gateway for listings that require payment, additional enhancements, or any advertising.


Q – Does YouBidAuctions.com charge a final value fee?

A – No, all sales transactions are between the Seller and Buyer. YouBidAuctions has no part or obligation to collect or govern any price, final price or any taxes pertaining to any items sold or listed on YouBidAuctions.com.