Terms and Conditions

You (as bidder) are obligated to purchase if you are the winning bidder. “Change your mind” or decide you “Really don’t like it”. Failure to purchase for any reason could result in you (as Bidder) being disabled and pending bids cancelled. Our fraud control system will NOT allow you to bid by creating another user account.

Bid Retractions
If you do not want an item, don’t bid on it. Once placed, bids will not be retracted

YouBidAuctions.com role in the auctions listed on youbidauctions.com is limited to providing the venue for members auctions. Members are not employees, agents, representatives or partners of YouBidAuctions. YouBidAuctions knowledge about individual auctions and individual auction transactions is limited to the information appearing on the website. Questions and issues relating to a specific auction or transaction must be directed to the member named as conducting and managing that particular auction.

Winning Bidder Notifications
YouBidAuctions  system automatically sends notifications to winning bidders. Once we send them, we have NO CONTROL over whether or not they reach their final destination. Bidders can check their status by looking on their dashboard after the sale closes.

Assets are sold “AS IS WHERE IS”
Items sold on YouBidAuctions.com do not have warranties, express or implied. Illustrations, pictures or videos posted on YouBidAuctions.com are for informational purposes only. Bidders have sole responsibility for determining an items value. Bidders must conduct whatever due diligence is necessary for them to assess value prior to placing a bid. Bidding strategies and amounts should be based on the item research conducted by the bidder. Every bid is considered to be an offer to purchase the item(s) for the bid amount.

Auction Invoices
Bidders are notified of their successful bids within a few hours of the scheduled auction closing, via a winning bidder invoice appearing on their Dashboard. Bidders are responsible for monitoring their Dashboards and fulfilling the auction terms associated with each winning bidder invoice appearing on the Dashboard. At the time an auction closes, the sale of the item becomes a legally binding agreement between the winning bidder and the Seller. The bidder is required to purchase the item(s) and the seller is required to sell the item(s) for the high bid amount plus all required fees and taxes.

Bidder/Seller indemnifies and holds YouBidAuctions.com, harmless against any damage, loss, injury arising from the transactions or auctions conducted by Bidders/Sellers.